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Q3: What are the procedures for distance visitation?

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  1. The inmate's spouse, lineal relative by blood, and collateral relative by blood within the third degree or by marriage within the second degree may apply for distance visitation by sending identity documents via registered mail to this prison, or by faxing the documents to the correctional facility where the inmate is being held. Distance visitation may be applied for once every 7 days and is limited to 30 minutes each visit. The fax number for application is the Guard and Control Section: (04) 2382-8528.
  2. Please fill in an application form for the first distance visitation (the application form can be obtained at the reception room's service counter, the front gate's service counter, or downloaded from the Ministry of Justice's website). The time of the distance visit should be submitted to the inmate's correctional facility one week in advance by registered mail or fax. If the application is approved, the reviewing unit will notify the applicant of the time and date of the visit by phone or mail, and notify the closest facility providing distance visitation to make necessary preparations.
  3. After a distance visitation application is approved, the applicant should arrive at a nearby facility for distance visitation at the scheduled time and fill in necessary documents for distance visitation. If the applicant does not arrive at the scheduled time 3 times, the correctional facility of the inmate will suspend distance visitation for 3 months.
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