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Mother’s Day Writing Contest on On May 17th,2020

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  • Last updated:2020-06-10
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On May 17th, Taichung Prison held Mother’s Day writing competition to inspire inmates to strengthen family relationships through writing, expressing their sincere gratitude to the one they appreciate. Digging extraordinary out of the ordinary!

How competitive the contest was as many as 368 pieces of work were submitted! Let’s congratulate Mr. Lin from the Ai educational block on winning first prize, Mr. Yang and Mr. Chen, also from the same block, winning second and third place and Mr. Xu from the hospital in the Zhong educational block received the High Distinction Award. Besides, another 30 and 50 participants were rewarded the Excellent Award and the Honorable Mention Award respectively in order to promote participation. All winners were awarded by the chief of the Edification and Education Section, Wu Sheng Jin, on May 25th, and were kindly reminded to keep in mind the sense of gratitude as the willpower to constantly improve themselves, and to make their beloved family to have confidence in them.

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