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Training Courses at Correctional Institution for Judicial Officers on May 18th,2020

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Beginning from May 18th, Taichung Prison held a series of training courses at its auditorium for the Judicial Officer Courthouse/Prosecutors Office Training Class 59 of Academy for the Judiciary, Ministry of Justice.

There were 13 trainees attended the course and the Supervisor of the prison, Qiu Hong Ji, personally welcomed and accompanied them to the lecture room, introducing the surroundings of the jail as well. The chief of the Edification and Education Section of the prison, Wu Sheng Jin, arranged lecturers for the classes as well as performances of Western music play, chorus singing and Chinese face-changing opera to lighten up the program. Besides, many excellent works of art were displayed at the class room including Chinese paintings, Western paintings, sculpture, bamboo weaving and calligraphy to let the officers appreciate in person the achievement resulted by the edification effort. Being video recorded by the Multimedia Group of the correctional institution during the course, an exclusive disc of the training program was given to each trainee by the Supervisor Qiu at the closing seminar.

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