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Life Provisions

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Pictures of  guard area

I. Food:

  1. The amount of food for meals is provided according to stipulations. Besides government appropriations for meal, there are labor bonus and cooperative store profits, of which 30% and 10% are allotted for the purchase of food. The income from selling rice bran and kitchen slosh is also used for buying food.
  2. Supply of thermo containers for keeping staple food and supplementary food.
  3. The Meal Improvement Team ,formed by the representatives of inmates and the relevant personnels of prison, holds a meeting once a month to improve inmates’ meal, so that the quality is equal and the health and nutrition are taken into consideration.
  4. At present, steamed buns, soy milk, and rice porridge are supplied for breakfast. For lunch and dinner there are three dishes and one soup everyday. Every meal is displayed in a cabinet for inspection by the superior. The menu is announced three days in advance. In summer, cold food is supplied once or twice a week, depending on the condition of kitchen operations. (Ice is made of drinkable water).
  5.  To ensure sanitation and inmates’ good health  the prison, cooperated with the Nutrition Department of Chung Shan Medical University, placed the kitchen site under independent management. All the doors and windows are installed with screen and ventilation equipment to prevent insects. Anti-slip tiles and steel gutters are also built to improve working environment. To avoid cross affection, the various working areas (cooking, distribution, and sorting) are separated with glass walls to meet the safety requirement.

II. Clothing

         Inmates are issued with enough T-shirts and breeches for summer ;jackets, long trousers, and sweaters for winter.

III. Dwelling

  1. There are mix-up wards and single wards. All wards are roomful. Each ward is equipped with a ventilator (electric fan). Natural ventilation fan is installed in the hallway. The roof is coverd with a heat preventing net. Lighting is improved. So, heat insulation, lighting, and ventilation of the wards are considered good, effectively stabilizing inmates’ emotions. The inmates are provided with comforters, beddings, and blankets to keep them warm in winter.
  2. The prison has workshops and medical beds specifically for handicapped inmates. They have a humanistic environment in the prison
  3. Each workshop has at least one big-screen television, which is connected to cable programs offering a great variety of choices. In the ward, the  small TV set is used, and boosters are installed to improve the reception of entertainment programs.
  4. In addition to tap water, there are five deep wells to prevent water shortage. Besides, there are 18 steel water tanks, each having a capacity of 10 tons. In the Jen, Ai, and Ho blocks, the capacity of water storages is 30 tons each. These huge tanks, combined with pipe improvement, have effectively improved the problem of water shortage in the workshops and wards.
  5. Two boilers supply, by rotation, hot water to workshops and for hot bath in winter. 
  6. A boiled water supply system is also added to provide inmates in educational blocks with hot water drinking.
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