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Character Education

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  • Last updated:2021-08-20
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I. Implementation purpose:

  1. Enhance the atbility of the inmates to speculation, choice and awareness about the core values and codes of conduct, and identify and pursue an ideal attitude towards life.
  2. Create a high-quality art culture and humanistic learning environment, internalize character education into the soul of the inmates, and practice in life to help them to develop a sound personality.
  3. Promote the attention of the staff to character education, and then lead by example, to play the role of teaching and teaching, and to achieve synergy with life education.
  4. Combine the resources of all walks of life to strengthen the awareness and practice of the inmates 's core value of character, so that they are reborn.

II. expected result:

  1. Establish a learning environment for character education, comprehensive art activities, skills education and training, deepen the concept and connotation of the character education of the inmates, in order to enhance the correct rational thinking of the inmates and the sound personality of the concept of right.
  2. Through the promotion of character education, condense the recognition and consensus of the staff on character education and encourage morale.
  3. Combine life education and develop a whole-person education that balances body, mind and spirit, so that the inmates can appreciate themselves, respect others, care for the society, and then reduce recidivism.

III. Character Education Promotion Team:
In order to effectively promote the character education of the inmates, the "Character Education Promotion Team" was established. The Superintendent is the convener and the members are composed of the relevant department heads. In addition, the scholars and experts and enthusiastic volunteers are invited to serve as "consulting members".

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