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  • Last updated:2024-06-21
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  1. In order to protect people's right to know and access government information, we provide three access based on The Freedom of Government Information Law as follows:
    • The Freedom of Government Information Law and reference documents for the public to have further understanding of the law.
    • " Application Rules and Forms for Download " : Lists the relevant regulations and application forms for government information.
    • "The government information shall be made available to the public ": The government information we provide on the website is as follows:
      • The organic statute, position, function, address, telephone number, fax number, website address and e-mail address of the government agency are published on the home and profile page of our website.
      • Governance plan, statistics and research reports: Provide our service quality improve plan since 2006, annual work plan since 2006, annual internal control statement since 2015. The corrective and administrative statistics are also available.
      • Budget and Financial Statements: Provides our budget and financial statements, summary notes, summary and branch plans since 1990 .
      • Public construction and government procurement documents.
  2. Category of our government information publication services:
    This page facilitates the publication of our government information to people in both two ways. One is for people requesting for the information according to the law, and the other one is the information shall be made available to the public actively by government.
    For the latter, the administrative measures directly related to people's rights and interests as well as other relevant government information shall be made available to the public by government actively and timely. Most of these active publications of government information will be provided in the form of government websites, government gazettes, press conferences, briefings, etc. This website is one of our publication methods by law.
    For the former, government information , which is not in the category of active publication for , nor classified by law as national secrets, can be requested by people submitting a written application. You can follow the application procedures to request government information for all government institution, which is enacted by The Freedom of Government Information Law.
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