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Karaoke King ~ Singing Contest on December 27, 2022

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  • Last updated:2023-02-14
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Taichung Prison’s 2022 Karaoke competition final round was held on December 27th and conducted in two groups, 15 participants from general group and 5 from the elder selected from the elimination at each educational block. The activity aimed to bring out the singing talent of the inmates, relieve their stress, and improve their mental health, mood and sense of well-being.
The final round was judged by two professional musicians, Ms. Zeng and Mr. Guo, and each participant put forth his enthralling performance, singing with lot of passion and confidence which pulled the heartstrings of the audience and impressed the judges greatly.
Finally, the winners of the general group were Mr. Guo from Yi educational block who won first prize with his amazing vocal range and the second were Mr. Huang from prison kitchen, while the top three prizemen of the elder group were Mr. Tsai from Ai block, Mr. Lai and Mr. Liou, both from Ren block. In the end, Deputy Director Yang encouraged all the inmates to let go of the past, believe in their unique contribution, be courageous to pursue their dreams and be the sunshine to themselves and others. The event was ended very successful with everyone having a great time.

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