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Bliss&Wisdom book club year-end expansion of book-sharing meeting

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  • Last updated:2020-02-19
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For summarizing annual study and greeting 2020 year, the B&W book club conducted a year-end expansion of book-sharing meeting on December 24. In meeting a special guset, major character of book:”Sunwarder- story of detoxification reversal victory”, was invited to share experiences of drug rehabilitation. The fact that since now The Sunward Farm had taken care of sixty or seventy former inmates brings society with peace and joy.

Shu Mao-Xiong, the secretary of Taichung Prison thanked the B&W group helping to promote the social work of book club. He also hoped that inmates can uphold the beneficial spirit of opening books, read books in many ways to increase intellectual knowledge, and create a book-scented society finally.

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