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Guard and Control

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Pictures of  job training for controller

  1. Control in independent educational blocks – This prison occupies a vast area and is composed of many educational blocks. It adopts the method of divided control, which is done by a taskforce organized by related personnel. Persuasion replaces reprimand; encouragement substitutes punishment. As a result, the prison is peaceful and orderly.
  2. Promotion of self-governance – To inspire self-discipline and group honor, the prison implements a clean and order competition evaluation system. The supervisors at all levels combined to cultivate the good behavior of activeness, self-discipline, and self-governance.
  3. Holding of life discussions – To thoroughly understand inmates’ life and strengthen the communication of opinions, the prison holds life discussions every month, in which inmates’ suspicions and proposals are dealt with on the spot.
  4. On-the-job training for controller – To raise the quality of controller, education and training are conducted throughout the year. Every week controller are assembled together for a lecture. Written examinations are given in June and December every year to enrich their knowledge and management quality. The prison has established a central Taiwan pacification taskforce in compliance with an MOJ letter dated November 3, 1997, calling for controlling the emotions of inmates and preventing networking among gang leaders. The taskforce is in charge of organizing pacification detachments. So far, seven have been organized, each having 25 members selected from among the strong, agile, and quick to response people in the control staff as a mobile force to support the police. If there is an unstable situation or the turbulence index in a prison has exceeded the danger level, the detachment will be activated to prepare for quickly quelling an incident.
  5. Organization of substitute military men into guard columns – In Taiwan some young men perform civilian duties in lieu of military service. These people who are young, high in comprehension, loyal and obedient can made up the manpower deficiency of prisons. Given time, they will become a respectable force.
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