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Key Business

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  • Last updated:2023-06-22
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  1. Capital security responsibility level C-level to do list: The introduction of information security management system, capital security protection, capital security professional license and functional training certificate.
  2. Inmate key point corrective treatment: Implementation of the type of physical and mental disabilities, the number of people, professional characteristics, life counseling, and key-case studies and presentation.
  3. Inmate individual corrective treatment plan: Depending on the outcome of inmates' investigation and the individual case, inmates will be required and willing to arrange access to the required programmes, courses or assistance.
  4. Procedure and counselling measures for inmates who commited serious crimes and can not apply for parole: Implementation of procedures, counselling measures and publicity for the identification of such inmates.
  5. To promote going work at daytime and skill training and assist the reintegration of inmate into society: Independent going work at daytime and skill training will help inmates to adapt to their careers early and return to society.
  6. The progress of the action-visit: In order to enhance the convenience of visit for the public, Taichung prison launched the action-visit since January 18, 2021.
  7. Refinements business of lawyer interview: The various refinements business of lawyer interview in order to respond revise for Detention Act and Law of Execution in Prison.
  8. Routine emergency drills: To strengthen the handling capacity for emergency cases and epidemic prevention.
  9. Boiler-operation personnel training, day and night shift configuration and boiler safety management: To hire qualified personnel with training or skills to operate boiler, and check boiler safety measures, crisis response capacity for the implement the maintenance of boiler operation safety.
  10. Improve staff standby room: To improve the old and damaged facilities and enhance the staff’s morale and work efficiency.
  11. Improve barrier-free facilities: In order to enhance inmates’ human rights, quality of reception and improve the reception environment, appropriate barrier-free facilities are properly planned.
  12. Health assessment programs and promote independent health management: For inmates, regular health assessments and health checks should be carried out and independent health management should be promoted.
  13. Measures for the prevention and treatment of skin diseases: To improve the situation of inmates’ skin diseases and provide medical treatments as appropriate.
  14. Implementation of drug corrective treatment quartet link: Implementation of handling situations for drug corrective treatment and the special actions of the quartet link.
  15. Measures of psychiatric inmates treatment: To examine and assess whether psychiatric consultations are adequate, and indeed to do a good job of after-discharge supervision and information convergence.
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