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Key Policies

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Picture of Guard Area

  1. Our ideals and vision
    • Work ideals: professionalism, enthusiasm, responsibility, service, reform, and innovation
    • Shared vision: reform and renewal, seeking excellence, creating a modern prison
  2. An environmentally-friendly prison
    • In order to execute a policy of compulsory garbage sorting, recycling, and reuse, we have established a procedure for resource recycling to actively carry out garbage classification and resource recycling and reuse. We strive for discarding nothing, reducing use at the source, and reclaiming resources. We will reuse resources and push for making organic fertilizer so as to reduce the volume of non-recyclable garbage, lower the expenses for garbage disposal and fertilizers, and help with the beautification of our prison surrounding.
    • Starting from garbage reclassification and resource recycling and reuse, we strive to save big on public funds, improve cost effectiveness, and create a zero pollution environment for healthy living that meet the high standards of today and tomorrow.
  3. Offer remote visitations and inquiries, on-site and on-line appointments for visitations.
    This prison is equipped with remote meeting equipment that is connected to other prisons, skill training institutes, reform schools, youth reform schools, detention centers, and juvenile detention houses within the Agency of Correction system. The system is available for the spouses, family, and public defenders of the inmates or residents of the system to use by application. This service spares those people the trouble of travel to visit inmates or residents within the correctional system. In addition to remote visitations, this prison offers services to make appointments on site, by phone, and through the Internet. Furthermore, we make visitation available on the first Sunday of each month. This helps allow visitations by those people who cannot otherwise visit. We further offer inmates in this prison the chance of remote visitations by their spouses or blood relation who are inmates or residents of other correctional facilities. This enables family members who are both incarcerated but indifferent facilities to visit each other through video conferencing, and this helps apply family love to reform inmates.
  4. Establish a dedicated medical treatment zone for central Taiwan
    To improve security and convenience for inmates to receive medical treatment and to honor their constitutional right to life, this prison, under the approval of the Executive Yuan in 2000, established Taiwan Taichung Prison Affiliated Peide Hospital. The management of the hospital is contracted out to a vendor, currently China Medical University Hospital, a medical center grade teaching hospital. Presently the only prison hospital in the nation, it won a regional hospital designation from the Department of Health in 2009, lending more credence to the medical expertise of the hospital. The hospital offers eight areas of service: outpatient clinics, a psychiatric treatment zone, a tuberculosis quarantine zone, a hemodialysis center, an inpatient service zone for the more seriously ill, an inpatient zone for the more seriously ill male patients, an inpatient zone for the more seriously ill female patients, and an area for HIV-infected patients.
  5. Education: reforming the mind
    This prison has always devoted itself to the reform of inmates. It offers instruction for individuals, groups, and individuals of the same type. It has started offering drug detoxification classes and mandatory treatment for sex offenders. It also pays special attention to the offerings of recreational activities for inmates such as face-to-face and telephone visitations on holidays, contests for ball games, chess, painting, writing, tug-of-war, singing, and artistic talents, hoping to entertain them and to refine their character. It also invites experts, scholars, or people of high social stature to speak in the prison; it gets religious organizations to evangelize to or hold activities for inmates in an effort to enhance the spiritual dimension of inmates. It places mobile bookshelves in inmate workshops to facilitate circulation of books among inmates, and it holds regular group study sessions to foster inmates’ interest in books. Also it offers classes in Chinese music, Western music, stage play, lion dance, folklore shows, writing, and arts. The prison encourages inmates to take part in external contests, and they have done quite well, giving themselves renewed confidence and courage to persevere in taking on challenges in their future.
  6. Skills: learning and using skills
    • skill training
      It has been a goal of this prison to return to society inmates who are in possession of multiple job skills, adaptive to social life, and able to support themselves upon release. Since August 20, 2001, it has established short-term skill training courses, including in baking, web page design, local snacks making, basic computer operation, care taking, painting, sewing, orchid planting, distilling of lemongrass essence, and specialty plants cultivation.
    • self-supporting operations
      To promote self-supporting operations and to increase revenue, the prison has established business operations for a printer, traditional craft paintings, soap making with lemongrass essence, sewing (custom-made suits, youth wear, Tang Dynasty clothing, cloth bedding items, and underwear), and food (taro cakes, flour crispy, cookies, Japanese-styled pancakes, and iced cakes). These services are available to the general public to purchase.

  7. Joint community service: friendly neighbors
    With a goal to actively make correctional operations more transparent, to alter the stereotypical and unfavorable impression that society has long had of prisons, to bring about community harmony, and to facilitate the smooth running of prison business, the Ministry of Justice issued a plan to reform correctional business on March 14, 2001. Item 11 of the plan stipulated that prisons become part of the communities in which they are located. Accordingly, this prison established a joint service team for Central Taiwan on July 31, 2001. The items of service of this team include assisting communities in construction, clean up environment, and the clean up and reconstruction in the aftermath of natural disasters. The team has reached these significant achievements:
    • Among other things, the team provided assistance after typhoons Toraji, Mindulle, Haitang, Talim, and Longwang had hit Taiwan. Assisted with the reconstruction in Ruitian Village in Lugu Township, Xitou, Zhushan, and Sun Moon Lake, all of Nantou County. Removed weeds from Wanggauliao, Taichung. Cleaned up Taichung-Zhanghua Highway. Helped Guangfu Junior High School move into new home which had been rebuilt after 921 Earthquake, and helped put out fire and clean up after a Dadushan fire.
    • Cleaned up the environment in neighboring communities. Helped set up tents for anniversary ceremonies at neighboring elementary schools. Helped the Department of Environment Protection sort garbage and clean up communities.
    • On the community relations front, the team has regularly cleaned the shared areas of communities near the prison. This involvement will continue indefinitely. This gives inmates an opportunity to renew themselves while giving back to society. The discipline and efficiency of the team have received accolade and approval from the public, have changed their unfavorable stereotypical opinion about the prison, and have accentuated the accomplishment of our correctional effort.
  8. Elevate the quality of service to the public
    Based on the ideal of providing service, the prison has adopted an important guideline to simplify workflow for the public, improve office surroundings, and offer value-adding services. Administratively, we diligently execute this guideline, and we participate in evaluation and appraisal programs that the government offers. The Ministry of Justice has year after year nominated the prison as its representative to compete for the “Government Service Quality Award” from the Executive Yuan. We competed in the category of first-line service organizations, and we advanced to final rounds many times. In May 2011, we lowered the height of reception counters and made them in open view; we established eight all-purpose counters that handle all three types of services: appointments for visitation, receiving and delivering of external food for inmates, and safekeeping cash. These changes actually help us reach these goals: simply workflow, shorten waiting time, improve efficiency, and get the prison closer to the public. We have also:
    • provided private and beautiful breastfeeding rooms,
    • added children play zones and reading zones,
    • combined multimedia and visitation voice number calling systems,
    • improved handicap-accessible elevators,
    • replaced all seats in visitation rooms,
    • consolidated the flow of service items in bulletin boards,
    • added large touch-screen displays of services,
    • added areas for close and warm family interaction, and
    • improved the service desk for volunteers.
  9. Community activities and interaction
    To improve employee morale, we offer the following facilities and group activities to offer them good leisure outlets.
    • Facilities (Hardware)
      • A multiple functional recreational rooms with several sets of billiards, ping-pong, and exercise equipment.
      • Built a badminton stadium and an outdoor basketball court, both outfitted with lighting.
      • An employee cafeteria, vending area, barber, and multimedia room.
      • Set up an employee library and a reading room
    • Group activities (Software)
      We established groups for badminton, ping-pong, basketball, cycling, swimming, photography, billiards, softball, and English learning. We also hold annual activities to show off these group activities, to evaluate them, and to offer recognition and awards to groups which have been well received. Groups which have failed to perform to required standards are terminated or have their subsidies suspended. This helps ensure the quality of all our groups.
  10. Execute the ideal of life-long learning
    To materialize life-long learning, establish a learning government, and get ready for the coming of knowledge economy, we encourage our staff to study on their free time so as to enrich the knowledge power and professional know-how for the staff and for the prison. This improves our overall administrative efficiency and establishes a high-quality learning environment. We have established a project of action for a learning organization which, through the collective wisdom of members, arrives at a consensus of action towards the shared goal. This greatly improves the camaraderie in the organization, and we have seen great results since the implementation of this project.
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